How It Works

The Newark Thrives! Program Locator provides youth and families access to youth service programs offered throughout the city.

Youth Program Locator

Newark Thrives! new program locator fills a crucial need in the community by providing a comprehensive listing of all programs outside of traditional school time (summer and afterschool) that are available for Newark youth Pre-K to high school graduates.

Information for the directory was guided by parents and includes over 40 data points that families reported they want to know. The information gathering started over 2 years ago and the directory now includes over 100 programs for Newark Youth. The information is collected and displayed with the following goals in mind:

Program Functions

  • Families can search through many different and multiple filters to find the best program for their children
  • Anyone can access through any size device with functionality
  • Anyone can use intuitively, with a pleasant and engaging interface
  • Providers can update the information previously provided through an electronic form
  • Newark Thrives staff can approve updated information before publishing in real time

Partnership Benefits

Programs can use this tool to search for the provider that is the best fit for a young person they are unable to serve or needs more specialized support. Schools and other entities can search the tool for providers that best fit their needs, fostering new partnerships and programs. We can work with any group or organization that has special needs for their directory, to help them collect and display the data that helps them.

If you are a youth serving organization that is not listed yet, or needs to be updated, please contact
Justin Artenant, Senior Manager, Newark Thrives jartenant@uwnewark.org