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At the heart of our mission at Newark Thrives lies a commitment to collaborative initiatives that transcend mere philanthropy. We firmly believe in full transparency with our constituency, recognizing it as the cornerstone of trust and effective collaboration. In our relentless efforts to combat family poverty, we actively convene diverse stakeholders, fostering an environment where ideas converge and strategies coalesce. Through these collaborative endeavors, we strive to connect individuals with crucial resources and educational opportunities, laying the foundation for empowerment and improved life outcomes. Below, you will find a comprehensive repository of reports detailing Newark Thrives’ multifaceted efforts in Greater Newark, showcasing the tangible impact of our collective commitment to positive change.

Afterschool STEM Programs: Needed Now More Than Ever

Child Care Resources & Referral Agencies

After-school Funding Tools and Tips

Capacity Building Video Series

Nita M. Lowey 21st CCLC Technical Assistance Grant

Health Equity in Out Of School Time Resources

Disaster Planning for Out-of-School Time

Childcare Licensing

NJ Quality Standards for Afterschool

After-School Meals