United Way Joins Newark Elementary School for to celebrate the ‘Lights On Afterschool’

Two of the most important things of my childhood and attending elementary and high school in Newark, NJ, was walking with friends to our local school to get complimentary breakfast and lunch.

Waiting in long lines at our site to obtain an excellent meal for the day, a great supplemental education after school ended and a safe place to hang out with friends were monumental to my upbringing.

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Newark Thrives Welcomes You


Thank you for visiting the Newark Thrives website. I am so glad that you have decided to take a look around! Newark Thrives has recently undergone some re-branding and re-purposing. I officially welcome you to the new Newark Thrives. A place where OST program providers meet those who need and will utilize OST programs. Newark Thrives is also a resource hub for out-of-school time practitioners. COVID-19 impacted the education sector in a major way. There is new visibility in the OST space, and it is my goal to have Newark Thrives reflect the experience of the OST participants here in the City of Newark, New Jersey.

Please excuse us, as some parts of our website are still being constructed to fit the needs of the network. I implore all guests to visit and use the Youth Program locator (YPL). The YPL is a user-friendly OST navigation platform that helps families find appropriate OST resources. Quality OST programs do exist and thrive here in the City of Newark. The goal of Newark Thrives is to convene and collaborate those programs for easy access to the greater Newark community.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the website, or even just to chat about your virtual experience here.

I thank you for your interest and investment in our OST community.


Justin M. Artenant
Senior Manager, Newark Thrives
United Way of Greater Newark